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UK and Canada enhance cooperation in space

The UK Space Agency and Canadian Space Agency have signed an enhanced MoU to further areas of cooperation and information sharing on space.

UK Space Agency CEO Paul Bate and Canadian Space Agency President Lisa Campbell signed the MoU during the 39th Space Symposium.

The agreement, signed by UK Space Agency CEO Paul Bate and Canadian Space Agency President Lisa Campbell, builds on the initial Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two agencies signed in 2021: a framework for collaborative activities and the exchange of information, technology and personnel between both nations.

The signing took place during the 39th Space Symposium, an annual event in Colorado Springs that brings together space leaders from around the globe to discuss, address and plan for the future.

The MoU provides a more detailed framework for enhanced bilateral collaboration between the UK and Canada on space activities. This includes collaboration on regulation, facilitating the exchange of ideas and information on areas such as space policy, standards, and regulations, helping to ensure free and fair access to space for all.

The agreement also boosts collaboration in exploration and space science by identifying areas where both nations can leverage their world-class space academic and technology capabilities. This bilateral cooperation aims to support future exploration endeavours, including potential lunar habitats, and to advance our understanding of the Universe.


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