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probes and optical fiber of the Hexapod of the MPI photonics prober
Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult NETPark

Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult

CSA Catapult is the UK’s authority on compound semiconductor applications and commercialisation.

Sara Williams

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Spearheading the evolution of compound semiconductors in the UK

In the vanguard of the compound semiconductor sector stands the Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult. Initiated in 2018 by Innovate UK, its mission is clear and ambitious: to anchor the UK as a global frontrunner in the compound semiconductor arena. This goal is pursued by nurturing dynamic collaborations, not only with established industry giants but also with promising start-ups, all unified by the aim of conceptualising, developing, and commercialising avant-garde applications in the compound semiconductor space.


Widely acknowledged as the UK's definitive institution on compound semiconductor applications and their successful market transition, the CSA Catapult has carved a niche that resonates internationally. Businesses and academic researchers alike seek its expertise, underlining its stature as a beacon of excellence and innovation in the intricate world of compound semiconductors.

Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult NETPark


Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult  NETPark

Home to state-of-the-art specialist equipment

Located within NETPark (North East Technology Park), the CSA Catapult is more than just a bastion of knowledge. It's a hub of state-of-the-art technological endeavour, equipped with modern instruments tailored for a myriad of tasks—from precise measurement and comprehensive characterisation to the flawless integration and meticulous validation of compound semiconductor technologies. Every device, every instrument, reflects the CSA Catapult's unwavering dedication to propelling semiconductor research and applications.


However, the cornerstone of the CSA Catapult's distinction lies in its personnel – an assembly of world-renowned experts, each a stalwart in their domain, collectively providing a vast pool of knowledge, acumen, and proficiency in compound semiconductor technologies, their applications, and their transition to the market. This unparalleled blend of premier expertise and groundbreaking apparatus ensures an optimal setting for technological leaps, solidifying the UK's position in the global compound semiconductor narrative.

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