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Collaborative Networks

NETPark companies can link into several national and international networks

Sara Williams

To find out how your company would benefit from locating to NETPark please contact Sara Williams, on 01740 625 250 or email

Access global networks by locating your business at NETPark 

One of the key strengths of NETPark is its collaborative networks, which bring together companies, academia, and research organizations to drive innovation and promote business growth.

NETPark's collaborative networks include a variety of initiatives and partnerships that are designed to foster knowledge exchange, build networks, and facilitate collaboration.

NETPark companies can link into several national and international networks including the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), and the Institute of Physics (IoP).

Companies can also access potential global partners at over 450 other science and technology parks through NETPark’s active participation in the International Association of Science Parks (IASP) and the United Kingdom Science Park Association (UKSPA).

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Find science & technology partners

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) which assists organisations with finding technology partners, building consortia and supporting businesses in accessing European funding through Horizon 2020 is connected to NETPark and supports companies on the park in unlocking new opportunities.

Knowledge Transfer Networks are initiatives supported by the UK Government’s Innovate UK for specific market sectors or technologies.

To find out how you could begin to connect with these networks, please contact us on 01740 625 250 or e-mail

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