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Empowering Innovation: CPI's National Healthcare Photonics Centre Sparks MedTech Revolution at NETPark

MedTech companies are reaping the benefits of CPI’s specialist facilities and expertise at its National Healthcare Photonics Centre located in one of the UK’s leading science parks, the North East Technology Park (NETPark), in Sedgefield.

CPI National Photonics Centre at NETPark

The state-of-the-art site – one of two CPI buildings on NETPark - offers academic partners and businesses access to dedicated laboratories and clean rooms to accelerate the development and commercialisation of medical technology products.

Photonics is the physical science of light waves, and its application in healthcare can be used to develop light-based technologies to diagnose and treat medical conditions. Applications already in practice include non-contact cancer diagnostics, endoscopic imaging and a variety of laser treatments.

CPI’s National Healthcare Photonics Centre houses specialist labs for design, optics, electronics, ionisation radiation testing and rapid prototyping. CPI works with businesses to support product development and navigate medical technology regulations.

Among companies that have benefitted from the facilities is CLEWS Medical Limited, a northern start-up that needed CPI’s photonics technology support to develop its wearable, wireless medical device that tracks hospital patients’ vital signs to generate Early Warning Scores in those whose health is deteriorating.

With CPI’s support, CLEWS accessed funding through the European Regional Development Fund, made use of the National Healthcare Photonics Centre for product testing and development, and benefitted from CPI's regulatory expertise.

With an established presence in the region’s robust health and life sciences sector, and strong ties with some of the North’s top universities, NETPark has proven the ideal location for the CPI.

“NETPark is a community, and, as the park has grown around us, we’ve benefitted from the clustering effect, where high-tech, innovative businesses attract other like-minded, specialist businesses. The focus here is very much on collaboration, not competition,” said Sarah Williamson, CPI Marketing Manager. 

“We are surrounded by five great universities – Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria, Sunderland and Teesside – meaning there is a talent pool of highly-educated individuals on the doorstep. Plus, the universities have spin-out companies looking for the type of environment we provide at CPI.

“There are huge benefits to being in an environment where so many experts - operating in highly technical fields - engage, collaborate and socialise with one another. It makes NETPark a very attractive place to work.”

Sarah Slaven, Managing Director of Business Durham, the business support service for Durham County Council, said: "CPI's world-class facilities on NETPark bolster the North East's capabilities in the burgeoning life sciences sector and give users access not only to state-of-the-art laboratories but also to medical and technological expertise that can support businesses throughout the process of innovative new product development. The collaborative environment at NETPark, where high-tech, innovative businesses attract other like-minded, specialist businesses, provides access to a talent pool of highly-educated  individuals from five great universities in the region. This environment, combined with CPI's expert support, makes NETPark a very attractive place to work."

If you would like to find out more about locating your business at NETPark visit or call 01740 625250 and to learn more about the services offered by CPI visit


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