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Innovate UK and British Business Bank sign MoU

The heightened collaboration aims to help create new pathways for business investment and promote growth through innovation.

Person signing paper

Innovate UK and the British Business Bank have further strengthened their collaboration by signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU).

As partners dedicated to fostering innovation and growth of UK businesses across the country, this new collaboration will see the two organisations working even more closely.

Together they will co-create new opportunities to promote investment and to support UK businesses through better tailored offerings.

This MoU signifies that they will:

  • build pathways for businesses that seek British Business Bank or Innovate UK funding to provide more co-ordinated support throughout their growth journey

  • promote growth across the nations and regions of the UK through co-ordinated place-based activities

  • combine the expertise of Innovate UK and the British Business Bank to develop more tailored offerings for smaller businesses


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