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Wootzano’s Dr Atif Syed Wins the Princess Royal Silver Medal

Robotic Solution

Wootzano’s founder and CEO, Dr Atif Syed has won the Princess Royal Silver Medal from the Royal Academy of Engineering. An award given to individuals who have made a noticeable impact to the field of British engineering.

The award acknowledges individuals who have made a notable impact on British engineering and have resulted in successful market exploitation, with less than 22 years of full-time employment. Dr Syed was recognized for his patented electronic skin, WootZkin, that enables robots to feel as humans do.

The skin has had various robotic applications over the year, with the most recent being its integration into the company’s own postharvest packing robotic solution, Avarai.

Dr Atif Syed, commented “Winning the Silver medal was an honour which recognises the important role the electronic skin plays in enabling robotics to be accessible to people. The Avarai robotic system is a testament of amazing work done by the entire team. Avarai is changing how fresh produce is packed and removing one of the most painful points for packers in the UK, Europe and other countries.

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