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The UK Space Agency is Unlocking Space for Business

The UK Space Agency has launched a new programme to help businesses unlock the benefits of satellite data and services.

The UK Space Agency Unlocking Space for Business programme logo with the London city skyline in the background.

Global satellite services currently support activity that contributes £370 billion to the UK economy, which is around 17.7% of our GDP. As the cost of accessing space continues to fall and the pace of innovation increases, a greater number of businesses now have the opportunity to harness the advantages offered by satellites through enhanced imagery, connectivity and navigation capabilities.

Unlocking Space for Business is an 18-month programme designed to bring these untapped benefits to hundreds of new organisations across the UK, focused on the leading transport and logistics and financial services sectors.

Opportunity areas can include using satellite imagery to improve the measurement of climate variables and verification of customer insurance claims after extreme weather events, satellite position and navigation to support location tracking and enabling the movement of people and satellite connectivity to help crew and passengers keep in touch with operators and families on shore.


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