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Tekgem's Growth Journey at NETPark: Protecting Critical Infrastructure Through Innovation

Industrial cyber security specialist Tekgem has cemented its future at NETPark with bold plans to grow its skilled workforce fivefold by 2028 and seek expansion abroad.

Industrial cyber security specialist Tekgem has cemented its future at NETPark with bold plans to grow its skilled workforce fivefold by 2028 and seek expansion abroad.

The high-tech company – a world leader in protecting critical national infrastructure from serious cyber threats – has already expressed an interest in NETPark’s phase 3 development as it continues to scale up and choose office space that suits its evolving needs.

Operating in a niche field of cyber security that helps safeguard the computer systems and technologies used by clients primarily in the process industry, Tekgem expects to grow its team of highly skilled engineers at its NETPark head office from 30 to 150 over five years through its specialist Apprenticeship Academy.

With exponential growth forecast in the industrial cyber security sector, Tekgem Director Ian Gemski says the company is well placed to expand both in the UK and overseas, with plans to open an office in Dubai to serve customers in the Middle East.

Ian, who founded Tekgem in 2005, says: “When we first arrived at NETPark four years ago we took a small office with just three desks in Discovery 1. As we’ve grown, NETPark has accommodated our needs perfectly, allowing us to scale up with a move to Plexus and then to Explorer 2.

“The facilities and ancillary business services here are second to none and the campus feel of the science park suits the culture within the company.”

Working predominantly with companies that process, refine and generate oil, gas, petrochemicals, electricity and renewables, Tekgem helps protect operational technology – the computer systems that control and operate machinery and equipment – from cyber threats and risks. The company carries out cyber security assessments, identifies and fixes vulnerabilities, and has developed its own real-time cyber security software platform, Unity.

As a niche service provider, Ian says one of Tekgem’s biggest challenges is finding suitably skilled engineers. Last year, the company established its own degree apprenticeship programme and training academy onsite, in collaboration with the UK’s leading tech talent and training organisation, QA.

Ian adds: “Being located at NETPark, bang in the centre of the North East, means we can attract outstanding candidates from across Tyne & Wear, Teesside, and County Durham. Last year, we took on five apprentices when the Apprenticeship Academy launched, in 2023 we’ve taken on another eight and we expect to grow those numbers year-on-year until we have a team of about 150 highly skilled engineers benefitting from rewarding and fulfilling careers at Tekgem.”

Sarah Slaven, Managing Director of Business Durham, which Manages NETPark, said: "Tekgem's remarkable journey at NETPark is a testament to their unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. By growing their skilled workforce and expanding abroad, they are not just securing critical national infrastructure but also opening new horizons. NETPark's support and state-of-the-art facilities have been pivotal in their success, making them a beacon of inspiration for businesses in the North East."

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