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Space Sprint - Interstellar Internships with Durham University

Boost Your Business Success with Durham University's Space Sprint Internship Programme – a stellar opportunity to ignite connections between your organisation and our outstanding talent. Join us in nurturing collaborations and cultivating innovation. Embrace the Space Sprint and seize the opportunity to work with bright minds – because extraordinary things happen when brilliance comes together!

50% match funding graphic for Durham University


  • Harness the brightest minds for your business aspirations.

  • Building your future workforce, one internship at a time.

  • Leveraging Durham's space expertise, your launchpad to success.

  • Enhance your employer brand and build awareness of your exciting career opportunities.

  • Simplify your talent search with our recruitment and selection support.

Project Offer

  • 50% funding for a 6 week summer internship

  • Simplified application process: We assist with collecting and communicating applications.

  • Diverse talent pool: Open to all current students and graduating students this year.

  • Flexible format: Virtual, in-person, or hybrid internships permitted.

  • Internships must begin before July 1st, 2024.

  • Full project funding will be processed following completion of the interns first week.


  • Open to all organisations, local and national, regardless of size or industry.

  • Priority will be given to those directly involved in the space industry or closely affiliated.

  • Although designed to showcase the growing space sector in the UK, Santander funding can support other STEM based businesses.

You Must

  • Be able to support and manage the recruitment and selection processes

  • Provide adequate line management

  • Ensure that the scope of work for your internship proposal meets the criteria set out in the

  • Project Requirements. Please refer to the Key Employer Guidance.

  • Pay the Intern at the agreed pro-rata salary, with your 50% matched contribution and funding provided by the university.

  • Adhere to the Project timeline set out in the Application Process

  • Provide adequate evidence of third-party liability insurance, employers insurance, Health and Safety policy and an Equal opportunities policy.

Internship Requirements

  • Your proposal must clearly outline the induction and ongoing support put in place to guide and mentor the student during their internship.

  • The project/ scope of work must have recognisable and deliverable outputs with a clear focus and is achievable within for duration of the internship.

  • The student must be recruited and ready to start by no later than 1st July.

  • You must be able to Invoice Careers & Enterprise for the full allocation of awarded funds by 5th July to enable a swift payment process in-line with university deadlines.

  • You must retain and send to us the necessary financial paperwork e.g. payslips so that we can provide the finance department with evidence that the intern’s salary has been paid

  • You will be required to complete a project evaluation form at the end of the internship so we can measure and analyse the impact of this programme.


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