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Sedgefield Community College Students Bring Art to NETPark: A Day of Creativity, Learning, and Innovation

On February 28th, students from Sedgefield Community College embarked on an enriching excursion to NETPark, a hub of innovation and technology located in County Durham. Their mission? To participate in an art project aimed at enhancing the visual appeal of the Phase 3 construction site hoardings.

Students from Sedgefield Community College, with artist Lewis Hobson and members of the NETPark Phase 3 construction team

Guided by Lewis Hobson from Durham Spray Paint, the students enthusiastically took on the challenge of painting a constellation design onto the hoardings. Each student was tasked with contributing a 450mm x 450mm panel in their chosen design, adding their unique touch to the collaborative masterpiece.

NETPark, situated at the heart of the North East of England, is renowned for its world-class facilities and supportive environment for innovation-driven businesses. With state-of-the-art laboratories, office spaces, and access to cutting-edge technologies, NETPark provides a thriving ecosystem for companies to grow and thrive.

The Phase 3 expansion, developed by leading construction company Kier, represents an exciting chapter in NETPark's ongoing development. Kier's involvement in the project extends beyond construction, as they were actively engaged in the art project day, underscoring their commitment to community involvement and creative collaboration.

Throughout the day, the students had the opportunity to refine their graffiti-style artwork, learning new techniques and experimenting with different styles. The hands-on experience not only allowed them to express their creativity but also provided valuable insights into the intersection of art and industry.

After lunch, the students were treated to a guided tour of the construction site from Senior Project Manager Darran Snarr, where they learned about the companies based at NETPark and the role of art in the construction process. From conceptual design to final execution, art plays a vital role in shaping the aesthetics and functionality of the built environment, enriching the experiences of those who interact with it.

"We're thrilled to have collaborated with Sedgefield Community College on this creative project," says Janet Todd, NETPark Project Director for Business Durham. "It's fantastic to see the Phase 3 development not only creating new opportunities for businesses in the region but also inspiring the next generation of talent. Engaging young people in initiatives like this is crucial, as they are the future of our local economy. By fostering their interest in the innovative businesses and technologies at NETPark, we're laying the groundwork for a vibrant and successful future for both the park and our community."

Leanne Jackson, Subject Leader of Visual Arts at Sedgefield Community College added "'Working with Lewis to produce a mural for the Phase 3 development of NETPark was a fantastic opportunity for our students to not only develop their creative skills but also to develop their understanding of future careers opportunities in the local area. Many of the students involved live very close to the phase 3 site so being part of such a wonderful community project was really special."

By the end of the day, the hoardings of the Phase 3 site had been transformed into a colourful display of student artwork, adding a touch of colour and vibrancy to the construction site. The project not only enhanced the surroundings but also provided a meaningful learning experience that combined art, education, and innovation in a unique way.


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