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Security measures strengthened to bolster UK data storage protections

Tougher security and resilience measures for data centres operating in the UK to protect against potential disruption.

Stronger security measures to bolster data storage

Data centres operating in the UK will be required to have tougher security and resilience measures to protect against potential disruption - including cyber-attacks and extreme weather events - under new plans drawn up by the UK government.

A new set of laws to better protect the nation’s data would make minimum requirements mandatory to ensure data centre operators are taking appropriate steps to boost their security and resilience. It will also help protect businesses and services that rely on data centres against disruption, reducing the risk of significant incidents that would interrupt or compromise access to data they rely on.

A new regulatory function is also being considered, to make sure operators of data centre services report incidents and work with the sector to assure and test risk mitigation against threats and hazards. The move is intended to encourage better transparency of information and cooperation across industry and the government so risks to the UK can be appropriately identified and addressed.


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