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Scaling up semiconductor manufacturing for new-space applications

Filtronic semiconductor manufacturing

Filtronic, a leading designer of RF, microwave and mmWave products, has announced its involvement in a groundbreaking feasibility study aimed at improving and scaling up semiconductor design and manufacturing within the UK. The initiative is part of Innovate UK’s investment of up to £11.5 million in innovation projects to advance semiconductor manufacturing capabilities across the nation.

The project, named “OPTIME-PA: Optimal MMIC design of E-band power amplifiers for Satcom using dedicated measurements and non-linear modelling,” addresses the critical need for accurate simulations in predicting the performance of Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit (MMIC) designs for millimetre-wave applications. Given the inherent challenges of tuning MMICs once they are manufactured, precise modelling is vital for achieving first-pass design success, reducing development cycles, lowering manufacturing costs and enhancing product competitiveness.


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