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Pioneering the Future of Automated Packing

The Robotics & Automation Awards, presented by Akabo Media Ltd, honoured its inaugural winners on October 31, 2023, where NETPark-based Wootzano was named the winner of the "Innovation in Packaging Automation" category.

Pioneering the Future of Automated Packing - Wootzano NETPark

Wootzano was recognised for its pioneering application of skin-based haptics in automating the handling of delicate products, notably grapes and vine tomatoes. Their commitment to overcoming problems in automating high-value, fragile items has resulted in increased demand for their products both domestically and globally and won them the title of this year's winner.

The award recognises Wootzano's dedication to providing flexible and efficient solutions that fit smoothly into existing production lines while addressing workforce constraints. Their distinct strategy, which incorporates collaborative robots for increased flexibility, sets them apart in the sector of packaging automation.


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