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Next milestone reached on Phase 3 development

Image of the steelwork frame on a construction site

NETPark’s Phase 3 expansion heralds a pivotal moment in its development, marking a significant step with the arrival of its steelwork. It’s a fundamental step towards erecting the structural foundations for the units. The sheer magnitude of the tonnes of steelwork arriving on-site signifies the scale and ambition of this project.

Unit 2 stands as the trailblazer among the planned 12 units in witnessing the commencement of this steelwork installation. Despite being classified as a 'small unit,' the impressive 22,895 square feet it will encompass emphasizes the substantial nature of these spaces.

The grand design of Phase 3 encompasses a total of 12 units, with sizes varying from 11,500 square feet up to 35,700 square feet. This expanse, spanning 232,150 square feet, serves as a promising arena for science, engineering, and technology companies, providing an ideal platform for growth, scaling, and commercialisation of their operations.

This initial phase of development is part of a more extensive expansion plan for NETPark, exemplified by a comprehensive master plan that envisions 433,800 square feet spread across the vast 26-acre site. Furthermore, the prospects for design and build opportunities reaching up to 80,000 square feet illustrate the intention to accommodate and nurture innovation on an even larger scale.

The process of erecting steelwork in such a project is a feat in itself. Steel, known for its structural strength and flexibility, forms the skeleton upon which the functional and aesthetic elements of these units will be built. The precision, expertise, and coordination required in handling and assembling such massive quantities of steelwork underscore the meticulous planning and execution that underpin the realization of Phase 3.

This milestone is not just about the physical manifestation of steel rising on the site; it symbolises the foundation for innovation, collaboration, and future advancements in technology and science. It sets the stage for a dynamic ecosystem where groundbreaking ideas will flourish, fostering an environment conducive to transformative discoveries and technological progress.

As NETPark’s Phase 3 continues to take shape with the erection of steelwork, the anticipation and excitement mount, signalling a promising future where these structures will not only stand tall but also stand as a testament to the spirit of progress and innovation within the technological landscape.


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