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Major contract win for Filtronic

AIM-listed electronics manufacturer Filtronic has won two major contracts with a global provider of low earth orbit satellite communications equipment, valued at £7.8m.

Computer microchip

The production order contract is for Filtronic's Cerus32 solid state power amplifier module.

The order is the third and largest to date for the Cerus32 SSPA, which utilises Filtonic's MMIC chip design and proprietary power.

The modules will be installed in ground station locations as part of the customer's earth station antenna network, which provides full E-band connectivity to the growing number of E-band enabled LEO satellites.

Revenue is expected to be recognised within the 2024 calendar year.

The second contract with the same customer is a development agreement to accelerate the design and prototype delivery of an E-band module that would form part of the satellite payload and provide downlink connectivity to the E-band ground station.

Subject to successful qualification testing and field trials, the module will represent the first Filtronic product designed for space flight.


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