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Kromek launches new Alpha Beta probe to upgrade the D5 RIID

Alpha Beta probe

Kromek, the designer and manufacturer of radiation detectors, based in Sedgefield Co. Durham, today launches a new Alpha Beta probe attachment to its ground-breaking handheld D5 RIID, already the world’s most portable and sensitive handheld Gamma and Neutron detector. The probe connects directly to the D5 RIID and enables all types of isotopes to be detected by a single portable device. The upgraded D5 RIID has been proven to meet the British and US DEF-STAN and MIL-STD requirements.

This revolutionary development gives the D5 RIID a capability even superior to the ground-breaking performance available at its launch in 2021. With a small form factor, ergonomic design and easy to read graphical display, the probe can be held in one hand for prolonged scanning missions and is compact enough to be used in any scanning location. The system also has a standoff bracket, so that the detector is not contaminated by Alpha or Beta particles.


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