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I’m dreaming of a green Christmas: A letter from a sustainable festive future

I’m dreaming of a green Christmas:

With all the innovations they are developing, what does a sustainable future Christmas look like? CPI takes the readers on a journey into the future to find out.

When thinking about how to wrap another year of innovation at CPI, they found themselves pondering what Christmas might be like in the future if they embrace the solutions they are coming up with now. That led to the experiment – a letter from a sustainable, festive future. After all, if they can imagine a better future, they can build one.

'A letter from a Christmas in the Future'

At this time of year, between Christmas and the New Year, the author usually takes time to look forwards, to anticipate what’s coming and make resolutions. Today, however, they thought they would look back at how Christmas has changed over the years — mainly for the better, they might add.

2023 seems like a long time ago, but it’s gone by in the blink of an eye. Back then, they might have used a large language model (LLM) AI tool to help write the letter. Now that AI technologies are so integrated into their lives, they prefer to take pleasure in typing letters themselves, the same way some people preferred handwriting them a long time ago.

This year, their family has decided to have Christmas together in person. It’s a throwback to a time before video chatting gave way to virtual, augmented, and then extended-reality experiences. This means they can now celebrate Christmas with family from wherever they might be in the world through a completely customized, digital setting. But Christmas is still a time laced with nostalgia, so let’s look at how far they’ve come.


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