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How Technology is Transforming the Food Production Industry

Technology is Transforming the Food Production Industry

The digitalisation of the food production industry uses novel technologies to ensure that our food systems are smart, secure and sustainable.

Digitalisation and alternative protein sources could help feed a growing population whilst reducing food production’s contribution to climate change.

The UN estimates that there will be 9.7 billion people on earth in 2050 – an increase of 1.7 billion from 2022. Considering how fragile our current food system is, it raises a pertinent question: How can we ensure that future generations have enough food to eat whilst reducing our carbon footprint? Solutions to this problem not only need to increase the amount of food produced but must do so without increasing greenhouse gas emissions. That’s because the food system, which encompasses everything from agriculture to land degradation and deforestation, is already responsible for at least 20% of global emissions.


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