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Fuelling the future of bioscience with your big ideas

BBSRC is calling on researchers, scientists and innovators to help shape and transform the future of bioscience with the next big idea.

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When it comes to bioscience, the term ‘innovation’ is anything but the latest buzzword. It is the cornerstone upon which groundbreaking discoveries and advancements are made.

Innovation has enabled us to understand and harness biology and living systems in ways that we could only dream about at the start of the century.

But innovation doesn’t happen by chance. It is underpinned by the pursuit of curiosity, the freedom to explore the unknown and the exchange of ideas. Brave, bold, ambitious ideas.

Unleash your innovation with big ideas

In an ever-changing and rapidly evolving world, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) is on a quest for novel ideas that could shape and transform the future of bioscience.

We are calling upon the brilliant minds of the bioscience community and beyond to dive into the depths of your imagination, challenge conventions and inspire us with your bioscience big ideas.

But this isn’t just a call for ideas. It’s an invitation to push forward the frontiers of bioscience, address big questions, ignite meaningful change and help BBSRC tackle major global challenges with innovative bio-based solutions.


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