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Cutting-edge mmWave solutions at European Microwave Exhibition

Filtronic to attend European Microwave Exhibition

Leading global provider of RF and mmWave solutions, Filtronic, is attending the European Microwave Week exhibition, Europe’s largest RF and microwave trade show. The event, scheduled from 17- 22 September 2023 in Berlin, will serve as a platform to demonstrate Filtronics core competencies and latest E-band product offerings to strategically important stakeholders in the space, telecommunications infrastructure, defence and critical communications sectors.

At the 26th edition of the exhibition, Filtronic is set to introduce an impressive lineup of cutting-edge products that showcase the company’s commitment to technological excellence and customer-driven solutions. Among these innovations, the spotlight will be on the Hercules 2, a next-generation high-power, high-performance E-band transceiver. By leveraging the latest technologies from the Morpheus X2 and Cerus Solid State Power amplifier, this advanced solution delivers unparalleled performance and reliability.


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