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£300 million to launch first phase of new AI Research Resource

AIRR, a cluster of advanced computers for AI research, has received a £300 million investment, to include a new Cambridge-based supercomputer.

Set of supercomputers

The investment was announced by the UK Science, Innovation and Technology Secretary, Michelle Donelan, on the first day of the government’s AI Safety Summit. The AI Safety Summit considers the risks of artificial intelligence (AI) and discuss their mitigation through internationally coordinated action.

This triples the £100 million investment outlined in the government’s 2023 Spring Budget to deliver a dedicated AI Research Resource (AIRR). This follows the recommendation by the Future of Compute Review, which was also announced alongside plans for a new national exascale facility.

It will also support a Bristol based computing facility in a bid to further cement the UK’s place as a world leader in AI and to open doors to a wave of new UK-based AI discoveries and innovations.


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