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Spotlight on Filtronic: Pioneering RF Technology at NETPark

Meet Filtronic, one of our NETPark Tennants.  Experts in state-of-the-art components for radio frequency (RF), microwave, and mmWave products, Filtronic is at the forefront of advancing communication technologies.

Their team of world-class engineers is dedicated to innovation and pushing the boundaries of RF technology, contributing to sectors ranging from radar systems and telecommunications to space exploration.

Filtronic thrives in a pleasant work environment, surrounded by the vibrant buzz of start-up companies.

Richard Gibbs, Filtronic CEO, shares his thoughts on the support Filtronic receives from the dynamic network at NETPark. The synergy created by this ecosystem is unparalleled, fostering innovation and collaboration.

NETPark offers more than just a workspace; it provides a launching pad for growth and access to a well-formed ecosystem that facilitates scaling up.

Find out more about Filtronic at


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