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North East SME Innovation Programme



The SME Innovation Programme is designed to help SME’s realise their innovation potential. It offers project funding and advice for eligible SMEs with an innovative project that will help their business to adapt and/or grow.

Today, we need innovation more than ever. Every business is feeling the pressures of globalisation, technological changes and of course the impact of Covid19.

The SME Innovation Programme offers:

  • 40% grant funding for projects from £5,000 to £50,000.

  • Signposting to industry experts for independent confidential advice.

What is business innovation?

For us, innovation is the process of using new ideas and technology to improve a business. It doesn’t have to be a ground-breaking idea, just something new to the business to help it to survive and adjust to new market conditions. The ultimate goal of innovation is to reinvigorate a business, creating new value and boosting growth and productivity.

What types of project are supported?

  • Developing a new product, service or process.

  • Exploring a new business model or adopting new technologies (e.g. bespoke software and digital innovations).

North East SME Innovation Programme
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