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Durham University pledge to transfer apprenticeship levy funds


1 March 2023


30 April 2023

Durham University has a pledge to transfer apprenticeship levy funds to fund another organisation’s apprenticeship training and assessment.

Businesses located in the Durham area can seek support from Durham University’s Apprenticeship Levy via their preferred training provider.

Support is available to levy paying and non-levy paying businesses facing challenges securing funding for an apprenticeship for one of the following reasons:

  • the business would benefit from 100% of the apprenticeship training costs to be covered

  • the business is a levy payer which has committed all its own levy funding.

The apprenticeship(s) can be at any level and from any sector but must be an apprenticeship standard not a framework. Once the training provider has been selected, you can ask the training provider to register the apprenticeships requiring funding on your behalf.

The pledge has been created as pledge 7KJ7G9, it is now public and can be viewed online here. The pledge is open for applications from all industries.

Please contact Claire Hunter at with any queries.

Durham University pledge to transfer apprenticeship levy funds
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