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Smart tech to be trialled in towns and cities with £4 million funding to boost local connectivity

Towns and cities across the UK will deploy smart street lamps to test next-gen digital tech, offering EV charging and improved wireless connectivity, as part of a £1.3 million government pilot.

Smart street lamps that can charge electric vehicles and boost wireless coverage will be rolled out in towns and cities across the UK, as part of a £1.3 million pilot to test next-generation digital technologies.

With the rising demand for wireless services, companies are increasingly exploring opportunities to install infrastructure on lamp posts, traffic lights, CCTV columns, benches, bins and bus stops. That is why six areas from across the UK will receive funding to trial new multi-purpose street columns which will house equipment to support the rollout of advanced wireless networks like 5G or free public WiFi, boosting connectivity for people out and about in town and city centres.

At a glance

  • Six areas across the UK awarded funding to test smart street lamps that can house EV charging hubs and boost wireless coverage including 5G

  • areas to match government funding to trial multi-purpose tech that can help local authorities unlock new economic, environmental and social benefits

  • funding delivered through Smart Infrastructure Pilots Programme (SIPP) to level-up digital connectivity


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