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Kromek Group seals $800k deal with US customer for key ‘dirty bomb’ detectors

Kromek Group seals $800k deal

County Durham tech innovator Kromek Group plc has announced a contract worth $800,000 with a US customer.

The NETPark-based business, which develops and manufactures radiation and bio-detection technology solutions, said it has secured a repeat order from the existing client for its D3S ID wearable nuclear radiation ‘dirt bomb’ detector. It said it expects the deliver the detectors, and see their revenue, this financial year.

The D3S ID gamma neutron detector is one of the NETPark company’s key products – a wearable detector designed for first responders, armed forces, border security and other CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) experts. Unlike a conventional radiation identifier, the D3S is a pocket-sized device and is small and light enough to be wearable and concealable.


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