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Coltraco Ultrasonics launch the Portasonic® PLUS

Coltraco Ultrasonics is proud to announce the launch of Portasonic® PLUS, their latest addition to the FLOW range.

Coltraco launches portasonic plus

Portasonic® PLUS is a handheld, ultrasonic, transit-time flow meter with numerous features which establish it as an industry-leader in flow rate monitoring. It has been developed by our highly talented Research, Development, Design, and Ergonomics team, using our unique R&D position based in County Durham. It is a contribution to our two core missions as a company SAFESITE and SAFESHIP – to ensure the safe operation and efficiency of industrial facilities in both land-based and maritime contexts.

Key Features:

Non- Invasive Measurement – using our over 30 years of ultrasonic expertise, Portasonic® PLUS requires no physical modification of a pipe, using beaded chain clamps to externally monitor the flow-rate with no risk of contamination or compromised pipe integrity

Datalogging and Export– Portasonic® PLUS’s 4MB internal database can store up to 22,500 flow rate measurements, and can export these via Micro USB to a PC either in real-time or at a later date.

Integrated Thickness Gauge – The 10mm thickness gauge built-in to Portasonic® PLUS allows monitoring of the pipe wall up to 20mm to check for corrosion and ensure the pipe meets operationally safety requirements.

Dual Power Modes – Portasonic® PLUS can be used with standard 9V batteries for 12 hours continuous use or connected to an external power source by Micro USB to provide 24/7 operation.

Multiple Flow Rate Metrics – Choose between volumetric flow rate, mass flow rate, or energy transfer, calculated internally by Portasonic® PLUS, for the most applicable data presentation.


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