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NETPark Job Vacancies

NETPark is home to over 40 companies employing over 600 people from university spin-outs, start-ups to more established companies providing high-value jobs in County Durham.

Sectors include advanced materials and manufacturing, nanotechnology, X-Ray technology, semiconductors, defence, electronics, photonics, robotics, pharmaceutical and space/satellites.

EHS Manager

EHS Manager


The EHS Manager leads the team responsible for the company’s Environmental, Safety and Health (EHS) practices across multiple manufacturing and non-manufacturing sites.
They will utilize their deep knowledge of EHS best practices to ensure that Pragmatic has a world-class safety culture, and best-in-class approaches to occupational health and safety programs, and environmental stewardship.
Key tasks
Design, implement and continuously improve the company’s Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) management system, and ensure a safe workplace for employees, contractors and visitors.
Maintain compliance with, and exceed the requirements of, key existing standards such as ISO 14001. Design and lead initiatives to achieve further sustainability standards such as ISO 46001 and ISO 50001.
Drive a company-wide culture of safety, with an emphasis on continuous improvement and the implementation of effective corrective and preventive actions to EHS-related incidents.
Implement a set of best practices for minimising workplace risk, including programs for lone workers, lock-out tag-out, appropriate personal protective equipment, job and equipment hazard analysis, industrial hygiene monitoring, hazardous waste handling, emergency response teams, first aid capabilities etc.
Lead sustainability practices, ensuring Pragmatic adheres to the highest possible standards in minimising our environmental footprint, and maintain compliance with directives such as REACH / RoHS etc.
Effectively lead and develop a team of EHS engineers, and be a role model for Pragmatic’s company values.
Qualifications and training
Bachelor’s degree in a Science, Engineering or other EHS-related discipline.
Relevant EHS certifications
Skills and experience
Extensive experience leading EHS teams in a manufacturing environment
Familiarity with managing and implementing applicable ISO requirements such as ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 / ISO 46001 / ISO 50001
Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to convey complex information clearly and concisely.

Other Vacancies

Software Engineer with project management experience

Software Engineer with project management experience

NETPark is a premier UK science park in Sedgefield, County Durham. We provide the right mix of infrastructure, collaborative opportunities and support for science, engineering and technology companies. We support innovative businesses at every stage of their journey from concept to commercialisation with a wide choice of world-class laboratory, clean room and office space from 151 sq ft to 22, 110 sq ft.

A science park with world class innovation infrastructure, academic expertise and capabilities.

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