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NETPark Job Vacancies

NETPark is home to over 40 companies employing over 600 people from university spin-outs, start-ups to more established companies providing high-value jobs in County Durham.

Sectors include advanced materials and manufacturing, nanotechnology, X-Ray technology, semiconductors, defence, electronics, photonics, robotics, pharmaceutical and space/satellites.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist


Advising on or leading analytical projects (including data infrastructure) to enable better capture, understanding, analysis, modelling and reporting/visualization of data – providing actionable insights to stakeholders and decision makers.
Contributing across multi-functional teams, you will promote and drive a data-centric approach to support and enable analysis across operations and production, as well as other key aspects within the business.
Key tasks
Collaborate with engineers and scientists to support or lead key analysis projects into the complex nature of our manufacturing process
Proactively lead projects which capture new data in structured systems: ETL, data wrangling, cleaning and processing – mindful of the impact of clean and structured data systems on analysis
To contribute to a clean and robust code base, using version control, and enabling all members to work collaboratively
Prepare reports/visualisations/dashboards to capture learnings or effectively share/communicate outputs for wider consumption, to support decision making
Work with various technical/cross functional teams to develop data pipelines and dashboard/reports for stakeholder consumption, enabling improved visibility of their KPIs
To proactively suggest case-studies for analyses and modelling; using your interactions with stakeholders (engineers, scientists) look for and pursue opportunities to find correlations, patterns, signals, signatures; and work towards developing models for a production environments
Work with data and ML engineers to enable productionalisation of any relevant predictive models, to support and optimise process development and drive operations
Assist in training team members to enhance their data literacy and promote a data-driven culture within the company
Qualifications and training
Bachelors in STEM discipline and experience in a relevant role within manufacturing
OR Higher degree (masters/PhD) in STEM discipline + minimum 3 years working experience as part of data team
Desirable - Cloud certification (AWS or ideally MS Azure)
Skills and experience
Excellent communication skills (written and spoken) to enable dialogue with stakeholders, requirements gathering and sharing outputs
Highly analytical mindset and personal drive to understand and work to solve problems
Strong Python (or R) & SQL programming knowledge
Good working knowledge of a wide range of statistical techniques and the various modelling approaches esp. dimensionality reduction, supervised/unsupervised, ensemble methods and optimisation strategies
Significant exposure to the standard python DS and visualisation libraries (pandas, numpy, Sklearn, matplotlib/seaborn + Plotly) – or similar in R
Ability to convert exploratory code into robust, functioning, documented modules/libraries for sharing across the team
Knowledge and working experience with Tableau for dashboard design and reporting

Other Vacancies

Software Engineer with project management experience

Software Engineer with project management experience

NETPark is a premier UK science park in Sedgefield, County Durham. We provide the right mix of infrastructure, collaborative opportunities and support for science, engineering and technology companies. We support innovative businesses at every stage of their journey from concept to commercialisation with a wide choice of world-class laboratory, clean room and office space from 151 sq ft to 22, 110 sq ft.

A science park with world class innovation infrastructure, academic expertise and capabilities.

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