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NETPark Job Vacancies

NETPark is home to over 40 companies employing over 600 people from university spin-outs, start-ups to more established companies providing high-value jobs in County Durham.

Sectors include advanced materials and manufacturing, nanotechnology, X-Ray technology, semiconductors, defence, electronics, photonics, robotics, pharmaceutical and space/satellites.

Computer Vision Engineer

Computer Vision Engineer


Your role will include the following:

​● Collaboration with business development teams and all levels of management to develop products customers will love

● Building and optimising 3D computer vision systems from Stereo/LIDAR data

● Computer vision techniques for image capture, image processing and data processing in Python, C++

● Developing solutions for object detection, semantic segmentation, classification, object tracking, 3D point clouds etc

● Use of machine learning and deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras, and OpenCV to advance new product introduction

NETPark is a premier UK science park in Sedgefield, County Durham. We provide the right mix of infrastructure, collaborative opportunities and support for science, engineering and technology companies. We support innovative businesses at every stage of their journey from concept to commercialisation with a wide choice of world-class laboratory, clean room and office space from 151 sq ft to 22, 110 sq ft.

A science park with world class innovation infrastructure, academic expertise and capabilities.

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