Innovation Breakfast (Brunch!)

//Innovation Breakfast (Brunch!)
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Our monthly Innovation Breakfast (‘Brunch’ with your own supplies while we are in lockdown) events have now gone virtual!

Dr Andrew Marcinko talks about how businesses have incorporated behavioural science methods and application to positively change their ability to adapt, transform and innovate.

What is behavioural science and how can it support innovation?

At our breakfast event on 2nd February we find out just how valuable behavioural science has become to many areas of business development, change and innovation at company and organisational level. We understand how much business psychology is now recognised as a crucial element to deliver transformation more economically, to support behavioural change and to bring fragmentation back to unity.

Behavioural science is widely used to understand needs, human emotions, to challenge existing mental maps, and support the innovation process. It is further applied to areas such as user experience design, product design, and innovation strategy. The single most important element of successful transformation and development projects rely on understanding about how to create an innovation culture, whether a business is still growing, is mature, or it needs to adapt in order to survive.

How do some companies succeed with innovation projects, whilst others may fail? How does business bring everyone on board to complete a business-critical change? How do businesses start to grow an innovation culture? How can businesses start adopting different methods of thinking in their operations to significantly impact and grow their many reasons for being, their people and their growth?

Bio – Dr Andrew Marcinko

Andrew is a specialist in organisational psychology, and he has been involved in projects with NASA, The United Nations, and several Fortune 500 companies. He brings a wealth of specialist experience in consumer behaviour, authenticity, diversity and inclusion, teamwork and communication and more.

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