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NETPark Annual Review 2015/16

NETPark Annual Review 2015/16

  • In our annual review we take a look at what we did in 2015/16 in...
NETPark Brand Guidelines

NETPark Brand Guidelines

  • Guidance on the use of logos and colours for the NETPark brand
NETPark Leaflet

NETPark Leaflet

  • NETPark is one of the UK’s premier science parks with its companies...
NETPark University Collaborations

NETPark University Collaborations

  • THE innovative businesses based at the North East Technology Park...
IASP Brochure

IASP Brochure

  • Download the latest version of the IASP brochure

Did You Know?

  • Catapulting technologies to market +

    NETPark is the only science park in the UK with two Catapults: High Value Manufacturing and Satellite Applications
  • Reinnervate in space... +

    Reinnervate’s cell scaffold technology was carried to the International Space Station in April 2015 for bone density experiments
  • The Number 55 +

    NETPark is number 55 on the list of 100 reasons why it’s great up north
  • Kromek, a home-grown plc +

    Kromek, a company at NETPark, started with 2 employees, now employs 60, is a plc and is building the largest radiation sensor network in the United States
  • PolyPhotonix and the Sleep Mask +

    PolyPhotonix has developed a Sleep Mask to treat diabetic retinopathy which will save the NHS £1BN a year
  • The North East workforce +

    Companies developing products from physics-based science employ over 43,000 people in the North East
  • Starring in Stargazing Live +

    Durham University's Centre for Advanced Instrumentation at NETPark built instruments for the South African Large Telescope and the James Webb Space Telescope, both of which "starred" in BBC's Stargazing Live
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