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NETPark is one of the UK’s leading science parks with some seriously cool and cutting edge stuff going on. It is expanding rapidly and companies at NETPark will offer a range of employment opportunities in all aspects of science-based businesses: engineers, designers, scientists, technicians, sales and marketing, HR and administration – the possibilities are endless.

NETPark delivers an outreach and engagement programme to inspire and engage local communities about the opportunities offered by the commercialisation of science at NETPark. Science and technology affects us all the time, every day, from cars to trains to x-Boxes to iPhones to lighting to fabrics to computers to cosmetics to cleaning products to medicine and much much more.

NETPark offers events, projects, teacher CPD, and much more to engage and inspire people (young and old) about the wonders of science and build awareness of the opportunities that NETPark will offer. We actively support the principles of STEAM as well as STEM - science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics - and encourage the inclusion of arts and humanities students and teachers in our activities.

Which area of science will you choose? Watch the video below for an introduction to the exciting world of STEM, and hear from industry specialists to find out more!

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STEM: Which branch will you grow from?


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Did You Know?

  • Kromek and the Curiosity Rover +

    Kromek, a company at NETPark, started with 2 employees, now employs 60 and owns an American company that created a radiation detection chip for NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover.
  • The North East workforce +

    Companies developing products from physics-based science employ over 43,000 people in the North East?
  • Starring in Stargazing Live +

    Durham University's Centre for Advanced Instrumentation at NETPark built instruments for the South African Large Telescope and the James Webb Space Telescope, both of which "starred" in BBC's Stargazing Live?
  • Printable Electronics +

    The UK National Flagship for Printable Electronics is based at NETPark and is working on technology that will change our lives, including lighting that is cold to the touch and display screens that can roll up like a newspaper?
  • Apprentices at Polyphotonix +

    Polyphotonix, a company originally from London but now based at NETPark, employs apprentices to help develop the next generation of lighting technology.
  • Redditch Medical +

    Redditch Medical, a new company at NETPark, started as a spin out of a sewing needle company called Entaco, which realised they could diversify their knowledge into medical devices?
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