The NETPark Story

On 23rd July 2004 , the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, officially opened the NETPark Research Institute. Since that time, NETPark has experienced much success and is recognised as a nationally important innovation asset:

  • Kromek, a company at NETPark, started with 2 employees, now employs 60 and owns an American company that created a radiation detection chip for NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover.
  • The UK National Flagship for Printable Electronics is based at NETPark and is working on technology that will change our lives, including lighting that is cold to the touch and display screens that can roll up like a newspaper?
  • Polyphotonix, a company originally from London but now based at NETPark, employs apprentices to help develop the next generation of lighting technology.
  • Redditch Medical, a new company at NETPark, started as a spin out of a sewing needle company called Entaco, which realised they could diversify their knowledge into medical devices
  • Approximately 400 people are employed on site, generating an estimated 1,000 indirect jobs.
  • Durham University’s Centre for Advanced Instrumentation, the very first tenants of NETPark, continue to supply bespoke instrumentation to major telescopes all over the world (and a couple in space too!).
  • It is the location of the UK’s National Printable Electronics Centre, owned and managed by CPI.
  • An outreach programme to inspire, raise the aspirations of children and their awareness of Science Technology, Engineering and Maths has engaged with over 45,000 people. Some of you may remember the day the NASA astronauts visited to open Incubator Phase 2!
  • NETPark is the only science park in the UK to have two Catapults on it, CPI (High Value Manufacturing) and the Satellite Applications Catapult Centre of Excellence.
  • And we haven’t begun to talk about the transformative nature of the products that are being developed here.


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Did You Know?

  • Catapulting technologies to market +

    NETPark is the only science park in the UK with two Catapults: High Value Manufacturing and Satellite Applications
  • Reinnervate in space... +

    Reinnervate’s cell scaffold technology was carried to the International Space Station in April 2015 for bone density experiments
  • The Number 55 +

    NETPark is number 55 on the list of 100 reasons why it’s great up north
  • Kromek, a home-grown plc +

    Kromek, a company at NETPark, started with 2 employees, now employs 60, is a plc and is building the largest radiation sensor network in the United States
  • PolyPhotonix and the Sleep Mask +

    PolyPhotonix has developed a Sleep Mask to treat diabetic retinopathy which will save the NHS £1BN a year
  • The North East workforce +

    Companies developing products from physics-based science employ over 43,000 people in the North East
  • Starring in Stargazing Live +

    Durham University's Centre for Advanced Instrumentation at NETPark built instruments for the South African Large Telescope and the James Webb Space Telescope, both of which "starred" in BBC's Stargazing Live
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First Tenant

Find out more about the work of NETPark’s very first tenant, Durham University’s Centre for Advanced Instrumentation, here

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